taman safari indonesia di cisarua bogor
Indonesian Safari Park

Currently the zoo became one of the alternative location for a family holiday destination. That's because most kids love looking straight assorted rare animals we encounter in everyday life. Zoo animal collections are usually put in a cage with a limited size. But now there is a tourist location benyak presenting a complete collection of animals, one of which is the Taman Safari Indonesia.

Cisarua Safari Park is a family oriented attractions in the presentation of wildlife in the wild. The address or location of Taman Safari Indonesia is located in the village Cibeureum, Cisarua subdistrict, district entered Bogor, West Java. Cisarua area is also known to the public at the peak region. This park has been possessed function as a buffer from Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park at an altitude of 900-1800 m above sea level with an average temperature of 16-24 degrees Celsius.

Park Safari Indonesia is unique as tourist attractions than from other zoos in Indonesia that the visitors can walk around to various places to be able to see from a distance close all kinds of animals by means of a private car or bus ride that is already provided by the manager Park Safari. Then the visitor can also interact directly with feeding the animals that exist in the safari park. If you are traveling in the area, it will be treated with the collection as well as performances at the Elephant Safari Park. Due to the Safari Park has had about 2500 collection of animals from nearly all over the world as well, there are several endangered species, is diantaraya Bengal tiger, lions, orangutans, giraffes, elephants, dragons and dwarf buffalo and others. In addition, the Indonesian Safari Park is also equipped with a variety of recreational facilities and attractions as well as well from the safari bus, artificial lakes, water bikes, canoes, as well as African-style swimming pool with, and facilities and other exciting rides.
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