Have you ever been to Balikpapan City? Balikpapan City has a variety of great tourism potential to be developed. Balikpapan is a town in East Kalimantan province. It was said Balikpapan City is the city with the highest cost of living in Indonesia. It shows the per capita income for the community is high.

tavel map balikpapan
tavel map balikpapan

Balikpapan City is also known for its abundant oil producer in Indonesia. No wrong if many who call the oil city Balikpapan. And what about the potential of tourism in Balikpapan? Here we will be proclaiming the attractions are certainly very interesting to visit at Balikpapan. Here is a list of attractions in Balikpapan is:

1. Keumala Beach Balikpapan
Favorite sights in Balikpapan which first are the beaches of this coastline, where the Minangkabau is located in the Centre of the city of Balikpapan in the way of General Soedirman Balikpapan. This location is then automatically with access to the beach is very easy, so many tourists visiting this beach Keumala. A view on the beach is very beautiful, this Minangkabau sand beaches are white and the edge waves become an attraction of this beach. Many people have likened it to the Jimbaran Beach in Bali. It it coupled with the view of the sunset in the evening which is very charming. In addition to the beautiful scenery, visitors can also play the flying fox, jet sky, banana boat etc.

2. Sari Segara Manggar Beach Balikpapan
Sari Segara Manggar beach is one of the attractions of the beach at Balikpapan with the number of visitors is quite a lot. The beach is usually well populated visitors during the holidays arrive. Indeed this beach sanat suitable for vacationing with his family. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of facilities in this beach, than just bathing in sea water, berain kites, play soccer, beach voly to rent jet sky is also already available. In addition if you only want to enjoy views of the sea, you can enjoy it while eating a wide variety of cuisine that is readily available at many stalls that lined the Sari Segara Manggar beach.

3. Melawai Beach Balikpapan
Melawai Beach tourist attractions is not far from the beach of Minangkabau descent, so many tourists visiting the Beach destinations continue to coast Keumala Melawai this. Melawai Beach also has natural scenery very beautiful beach. Typically, this will be a lot of Patai is visited by tourists during the afternoon instead. Of course, they are going to see the sights of the beautiful sunset on the beach this Melawai. in the afternoon, too much food traders who opened the stall around the beach. Food traders who sell these to sell food at low prices with great fanfare.

4. Lamaru Beach Balikpapan
The next Beach attractions so options in Balikpapan is the beach Lamuru. This beach is located in the village of Barnacles, close to the cost of Breeding Barnacle. To go to the beautiful beaches of this you have to travel overland during the 30-minute Studio Center of Balikpapan. This floor has a spacious sandy and gently sloping surfaces, making it very suitable for bathing and playing on the edge of the sea. Admission to loaksi attractions is also not expensive, you just pay the price of 10,000 rupiah only.

5. Crocodile Barnacle Balikpapan
Crocodile barnacles can be said to be one of the main attractions at Balikpapan. In this location there is a crocodile whose number now reaches 1500 tail more. This is a breeding area of about 5 acres. And what an interesting tour of the Crocodile this Barnacle? Here you can see the process of crocodile that surely will not you meet in an arbitrary place. Interested in eating crocodile meat? Here there is also know that providing food made from crocodile meat. In addition there is also a wide range of souvenirs made of kilit cool crocodiles. We know that crocodile leather could be made objects with high economic value, such as bags, belts etc.

6. Bangkirai Hill Balikpapan
What do you think of when hearing the word Bangkirai? Yes, sex is the name Bangkirai wood lot used as building materials. Bangkirai wood is an awful lot of use in Java, usually they named it with the wood of Borneo. There is a hill in Balikpapan which is named after the Hill of Bangkirai, because in these hills there are indeed lots of Bangkirai tree. This Hill is currently used as a unique tourist location in Balikpapan. On this hill there is a tree of the 150-year-old bangkirai more with a height of 50 metres and a diameter of 2.3 meters. huge isn't it? In addition, in this place you can venture down the canopy bridge or a bridge that connects the 5 tree of bangkirai. The bridge is made of rope and the bottom of the Board.

7. The village over water Margasari Balikpapan
On the island of Borneo is famous for its transport using the boat. Local authorities never made a village that stood above the water. This village called Kampung Margasari over water. In this village you can enjoy the atmosphere of the village that floats above the water, similar to that which exists at Venice, Europe. Visitors can surrounds this village and interact with the residents. Moreover, it also can fish using fishing line that you have prepared.

8. Bekapai Park Balikpapan
Bekapai Park is located in the city centre of Balikpaan can also be described as an attractive tourist spot in Balikpapan. As we said in the beginning that Balikpapan is a city which is famous as a producer of petroleum. To this end created a monument in the Park Bekapai which describes the advantages that the city of Balikpapan. The monument is shaped like an abstract sculpture fountain can issue. At night, the fountain was highlighted with attractive lighting so that it resembles a shower of petroleum. To enjoy the beautiful Garden Bekapai this better you approached him at night.

9. Caribbean Island Waterpark Balikpapan
In addition to its natural form of tourism is famous for its beautiful beaches, Balikpapan also famous family Tours offers a variety of games to complete particular family member. Family attractions in balikpapan is a Caribbean Island Waterpark. Caribbean Island Waterpark is located on JL. Col. Syarifuddin Yoes Balikpapan II. As seen from its name, Caribbean Island Waterpark offers water games that would have been very exciting for the family. But it's also not just the families know, many groups of schools are on holiday to this magnificent tourist attractions.

10. The market vegetable gardens Balikpapan
Once satisfied around Balikpapan, surely you would also like to bring him by family at home right? Now place this one reference was made to the biaa tourists at Balikpapan to get souvenirs Borneo form a variety of souvenirs. Souvenirs that are provided from beginning to precious stones, Carnelian, Ruby, diamond, keychains, bracelets, and various objects typical of the Dayak tribe. Market vegetable garden location is also quite affordable because it is close to the airport.

11. Mangroves Margomulyo Balikpapan
Margomulyo mangroves is a mangrove conservation area located near the center of the city of Balikpapan. To be precise, the mangrove swamps Margomulyo is SMAN 8 Balikpapan. Every day, many people flock to this place to enjoy shadowy mangrove forests in the region. Oh yea that makes these Mangrove Forests are becoming more interesting is the presence of wooden bridges, made to be used as a way for visitors to enjoy the beautiful Mangrove forest area this Margomulyo. The existence of this bridge will certainly add to the artistic side when used as the photo.

12. Wine protected forest River Balikpapan
Borneo island is famous for its Tropical Forests which are very dense. This becomes excess Borneo island because it is considered as the lungs of the world. Therefore it is worth to the existence of this forest must be preserved in order for the balance of nature can be preserved. One of the efforts to maintain forest sustainability is by specifying a particular forest area as a protected forest. protected forest in Balikpapan protected forest is one of the rivers of wine. Here the trees that grow in the region are still well preserved. Protected forest area of Aungai wine was 10 thousand ha. In addition to maintaining the sustainability of the forest, protected forest is also used as a refuge from some protected fauna such as orangutans, honey bear, proboscis monkey etc.

So that some information about the 12 Selected Attractions in Balikpapan, and hopefully can help you provide the information if it is to pay a visit to the city of Balikpapan in East Kalimantan. Of course there are still many places in balikpapan which is also not less nice, but here we only chose 12 of them that we think most rekomended for you.
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