Central Java is a province located in the central part of Java Island. Because of its location at the center, the province is often used as a resting place for people who travel from the West to the East Java. Province which is the center of Javanese culture also has many interesting sights. What are the Tourist Places in Central Java that should be visited?

1. Dieng Plateau

dieng wonosobo
Located about 30 KM from Wonosobo Dieng Plateau is a region that has a giant volcano crater and several ancient Hindu temples. Because it is at an altitude of 2,000 meters, the Dieng Plateau has extremely cold temperatures. During the day, temperatures can reach 15 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius at night. Dieng Plateau maintained as tourist attractions in Central Java jointly by Wonosobo and Banjarnegara.

2. Tourism Hot Water Guci Park

guci tegal
Tourism Hot Water Guci Park is located in Tegal, Central Java. To be able to reach the location of Tourism Hot Water Guci Park, you have to drive to the south in sektiar mileage 40 KM from the city of Tegal, or about 30 KM from Slawi. As with natural hot tourist spot to another, Hot Water Guci Tourism Park which is located at the foot of Mount Slamet is also believed to cure various diseases. Tourist facilities are located in the tourist area covering 210 hectares is the heated swimming pool, jungle tours, lodging, campgrounds, until the tennis court and soccer field.

3. Karimun Jawa

karimun jawa jepara
karimun jawa
Karimunjawa is located in the northern town of Jepara and Semarang. The archipelago consists of 27 islands, of which only 5 are inhabited island. Karimunjawa is one of the tourist attractions in Central Java is most famous for the beauty of the sea and the beach offers. Besides beaches, you can also play with turtles and sharks in the Karimun Islands. To be able to visit this tourist area, you must pay attention to the schedule ship well, don't miss it!

4. Borobudur Temple

borobudur temple indonesia
Borobudur Temple is a tourist place in Central Java the most visited by tourists from around the world. Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world that attracted many tourists who are interested in cultural tourism and religious tourism. Located about 40 KM northwest of Yogyakarta, Borobudur Buddhist reliefs have a collection of the most complete in the world. Borobudur is a mini model of the universe and was built in 770 AD as places of worship and venerate Buddha.

5. Ambarawa Railway Museum

Ambarawa Railway Museum Semarang
Ambarawa Railway Museum
Ambarawa Railway Museum is located in downtown Ambarawa, about 20 KM from Semarang. Before switching the function into a museum, formerly Ambarawa Railway Museum is a railway station that debuted in the past. As the name implies, Ambarawa Railway Museum has a unique collection of railroad and complete them 21 steam train, Morse telegraph instrument, antique telephones, antique furniture, and antique bell. Collection of pride belonging Ambarawa Railway Museum is a steam train that only 3 jagged around the world.

6. Marina Beach Semarang

Marina Beach Semarang
Marina Beach
Marina beach which we mean not in Batam but in Semarang. Marina beach is one of the tourist attractions in Central Java's most visited local travelers because only a few hundred meters away from the International Airport in Semarang, namely Ahmad Yani Airport. On the Beach Marina you can play boat, fishing, race car toys, swimming, strolling up a dragon fruit in the orchard.

7. Castle Maerokoco Semarang

Castle Maerokoco Semarang
Castle Maerokoco
What is a Castle Maerokoco? Castle Maerokoco is a mini version of Central Java garden located in Semarang. Now this has become a Maerokoco Puri tourist spot that has educational values ​​and cultures, so many parents who bring their children to this place. Puri Maerokoco also often touted as an easy way around Central Java because it displays a wide range of custom homes throughout Central Java. In addition to custom homes, Puri Maerokoco also have tourist facilities such as a fishing pond, water bikes, trains, floating market, Ferris wheel, boats, and others. Maerokoco castle is open from 8 am until 6 pm with the price of admission for IDR 10,000.

8. Tlogoweru Tourism Village

Tlogoweru Demak
Tlogoweru Village
Tlogoweru Tourism Village is located in Demak, Central Java. What is special about this village to become one of the must-see tourist attractions in Central Java? Tourism Village is famous Tlogoweru owl very much. This owl yore developed to reduce and eradicate pests such as mice are extremely damaging corn plants. In addition to successfully control pests rats, owls also transform the area into a tourist area full of innovation and unique. Besides being able to see hundreds of free-flying owl, you can also see how to care for owls. Tlogoweru Tourism Village also has a unique rule that is prohibited to shoot birds, if you will be fined for breaking the IDR 2,500,000.

9. Kartini Beach Jepara

Kartini Beach Jepara
Kartini Beach
Kartini Beach is a tourist spot located in Jepara, Central Java. An area of ​​more than 3 hectares is also a transit point and liaison for those who want to travel to Karimun Islands. The beach is also referred to as the washing of beach because the beach is believed to cure various diseases. Kartini Beach has some type of vehicle of which the zoo, children's play area, stage entertainment, boat rentals, and others.

10 Great Mosque of Central Java

Great Mosque Semarang Central Java
Great Mosque Semarang
Central Java Grand Mosque is located in the city of Semarang. The mosque which was built in 2001 was inaugurated in 2006 and is the largest and grandest mosque in Central Java province. The mosque itself is a combination of Islamic architecture, Roman, and Java. Facilities owned Central Java Grand Mosque in between museums, radio studios, the giant Al Quran, electric umbrella, and others.
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