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Bogor Zoological Museum is a museum in the Bogor, which the museum has a collection that has to do with the world of animals as well as a variety of specimens that have been preserved as well as in the form of animal fossils. Then for the museum also has divided into two, one of which opened to the public and is opened every day. There is an exhibition space located at Ir. H. Juanda Street No. 9 Bogor. As for the other museum has functioned as a collection only and will only be open to the public within one year, which is only in October. As for the location is in precisely Cibinong Science Center at Raya Jakarta Street, Bogor KM.46 Cibinong.

 collection of Bogor Zoological Museum

The second part of this museum has been managed by the Badan Geologi Pusat Penelitian Biologi or LIPI (Geological Agency Biology Research Center). At the time of its inception, Bogor Zoological Museum is one of the zoological laboratory with Landbouw name Zoologisch Laboratory founded in 1894 which is an idea of JC Koningsberger a botanist whose nationals from Germany. Which the laboratory is established as a means of research that has been associated with agriculture and also zoology.

Between the years 1945-1947 this place has been known as the Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense, before finally until now the Bogor Zoological Museum. Then place the museum collection also has 24 rooms and newly occupied collection began in 1997, with the construction of which has been funded by a grant from the World Bank and Japan. The number of scientific collections that have owned this museum includes many categories include: mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians, mollusks, insects, and other invertebrates also apart of mollusks and insects.
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