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Indonesia has the potential of extraordinary natural wealth, both natural resources and non-biological. It is conceivable, ranging from the natural wealth of marine resources, land, earth and other riches contained in this beloved Indonesia may not be counted. When viewed geographically, from Sabang to Merauke, stretching does little island in Indonesia. With large island, ranging island of Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya. But besides that, there are also thousands of Indonesian islands surrounding nature. Therefore, Indonesia is an archipelago that has enormous natural wealth.

wonderful indonesian islands
indonesian islands
Indonesia is a country that is very rich. Owned natural richness unmatched by any other country. Natural wealth from the sea, land, and other property in the earth terkadung countless. Of the many reasons why things have to love Indonesia, among which the following six reasons:

1 Hospitality population

Friendly, that's what makes this country visited by many foreign tourists. Her gentleness, his trademark smile when meeting outsiders, cares attitude with people around, are not likely to be found in other countries.

2 Culinary especially kosher trademark

If a visit to other countries, as a Muslim halal food will definitely worried. So most of us will ask the owner of the restaurant is there any guarantee of a kosher restaurant. If in Indonesia, almost every store has a halal assurance, even fast-food restaurants that are duplicated from outside the state was obliged to involve halal guarantee on their products. This is possible because the majority of the Indonesian population is Muslim.

3 Natural Wealth

indonesian of nature
indonesian nature
Toured throughout Indonesia, as seen half of the world's natural wealth is in it. Why not? Because millions of beach in Indonesia can be found, even under the Bunaken marine park presented which is hardly found in other countries are as beautiful as Indonesia. Volcano is still active and that is no longer active mostly found in the country. Rivers, waterfalls, savanna in the Nusa Tenggara region, there was even snow on the peaks Jayawijaya Papua.

4. cultural wealth

indonesian beach
coast in Indonesia
Millions of tribes in Indonesia produced an interesting cultural diversity. Even the different tribes each region also has its culture, respectively. Javanese example, between Central Java and East Java definitely different customs and habits. In Central Java alone, the Solo, and Semarang also has its own culture.

5. Wealth sun

Not many are aware of the wealth of this sun. The sun is shining on the country for 12 hours, every day can be used for various things. Them as solar energy, natural conditioning ingredients crackers and salted fish, clothes dryers, various kinds of plants grow throughout the year without the barrier of winter, and others. Wealth to be thankful for, whereas other citizens winter vying for the sun to bask, while we could bask any time.

6. wealth of flora and fauna

Tropical countries is one of the advantages of this country. Equator that stretches across the country resulted when the sun seriap can be found, so that the plants can grow throughout the year. Various types of tropical plants dominate this country. In addition, a wide variety of typical fauna also exist in Indonesia, such as the one-horned rhinoceros, komodo, anoa, and the Sumatran tiger.
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