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Majalengka is a district that is included in the region of West Java province. Majalengka has a direct border with Indramayu, Cirebon, Kuningan, Ciamis, Tasikmalaya and Sumedang. Majalengka has fascinating natural, is evident from the number found various tourist attractions with beautiful views. Most of the tourist attractions in this Majalengka still hidden and still rarely visited by tourists.

In this article we will discuss about the 12 Most Beautiful Places in Majalengka. For those of you who come from outside Majalengka you can visit Majalengka and visited tourist attractions in one of the sites below.


1. Tea Garden Cipasung
Tea Garden Cipasung tourist sites in the form of a tea garden that has a very nice scenery and beautiful. Tea plantations always gave the impression that the green and reconcile hearts.

muara jaya

2. Muara Jaya Waterfall
Places Waterfall Majalengka Muara Jaya in the Village District of Argapura Argamukti Majalengka. This tourist spot is about 20 km from Majalengka. Place Muara Jaya waterfall Muara Jaya offers the natural beauty of waterfalls / waterfall with a height of 73 m. In this place also often held ceremonial form pareresan ceremony is usually performed during the harvest.


3. Cibali Waterfall
Places of Interest in Majalengka is very much a waterfall or a waterfall, one of which is The Waterfall Cibali Majalengka. Tmpat this tour a waterfall and is located in the Village District of Cingambul Majalengka Cikondang West Java. As with other tourist attractions in Majalengka, wsiata place is also still the original, so not many tourists who come to this tourist spot. Usually a waterfall tour Cibali visited by many students and young couples.

batu tilu

4. Stone Tilu Mountain
It seems undeniable that wherever the mountain has very beautiful scenery. No exception Stone Tilu mountain in this Majalengka.

batu luhur

5. Batu Luhur Agrotourism
Agro Stone Sublime is air location in the village of Jerukleueut, District Sindangwangi or around more than 22 km from the city center Majalengka.


6. Cilutung Waterfall
Niagara attractions Cilutung is one of the beautiful sights in Majalengka West Java. Location Niagara Cilutung is in the Village District of Talaga Majalengka Campaga. These attractions within 28 miles of Majalengka. access to tourist attractions Niagara Cilutung is pretty good.

ceremai mount

7. Ceremai Climbing Mount
Travel Majalengka latter is particularly suitable for enda all who are adventurous and like challenges. Unlike the previous tourist attractions, this tour takes place extra struggle to achieve it. The place in question is Mount Ciremai, which is of course to reach the peak you have to climb it. Mount Ciremai has several other names, including the Mount Ceremai, Cereme, Cerme, Cermai and also Careme. Mount Ciremai administratively included in the three regions, namely the district of Majalengka, Cirebon and Kuningan. High Mountain is 3,078 meters above sea Ciremai. The area around Mount Ciremai currently managed by the National Park Mount Ciremai. To climb Mount Ciremai, you are only charged 6500 per person. Our advice if you are going to climb Mount Ciremai, preferably accompanied by a man accustomed to hiking and mountain climbing terrain Ciremai know this.
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