For those of you who have a desire to study in Australia can be an attractive option for you to consider. In addition to the quality of education to be limited to the international arena, Australia also saves a lot of attractions worth a visit while in the Kangaroo State.

kangguru Australia
kangguru Australia

1.Fraser Island

Fraser island situated upon the eastern Australia, Queensland and a favorite destination that fits perfectly for you have souls adventurous and love challenges. In this place, you can climb cliff colored sands, venturesome in the forest, or just plain pitched in on these sand spread the whiteness that broad. Because extent, this island also gets appellation as island sand the largest in the world. Here you can also see directly shoals pope who is around the waters, Fraser. If you can dive, continue activities you with enjoying the beauty of marine biotas such as turtles, dolphins, and the fish mermaid. Fraser Island is an island beautiful!

2. The Great Barrier Reef

One tourist attraction in Australia is a rock that extends in the Queensland called the great barrier reef. Because of its coral reefs ranged very long and reached 2600 km made this place can be observed from outer space. Unesco own it as a legacy the world should be guarded be sustainable. Those of you wanting to come to this place, please visit coral sea that is off the coast of Queensland.Want to snorkel, diving or even enjoy the beauty of the sea you can do be satisfied. But according to the report last, UNESCO have taken the great barrier reef in the list of destination dangerous because of its coral reefs that were severely damaged.

3. Bondi Beach

Where this one is was always visited by tourists from around the world, who want to sunbathe, relax or even see some dolphins or whales. The annual event is was usually held in Sydney beaches can also be visited. Call it skateboarding Vans Bowl - A- Rama and Miss Bondi Beauty Pageant.

4. The Whitsunday Island

With white sandy beaches include a row of palm trees surrounded by the clear blue waters, Whitsunday Islands is a real tropical paradise. The island occurred located off the coast of Queensland. Because sand and beautiful waters have made the island is known as the most beautiful islands in the world. You also do not need to worry because many travel agencies provide tours to the Island.

5. Ayers Rock

Well, ya critical for those of you who like the name selfie. If at Ayers Rock ( or Uluru ), some parts are forbidden to take pictures. Here is because the local tribal beliefs ( Anangu tribe ) were still robust and assumed that Uluru is a sacred place. Uluru itself was the formation of stones that are large. Usually, this place used to rock climb. Also, you can find some of the symbols and images, caves and waterholes employed in ancient times. An exciting and challenging place instead.
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