If you are currently enjoying the holidays in Australia, specifically in parts of New South Wales, you must visit the Nan Tien Temple. Nan Tien Temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples in NSW. This temple is located in Berkeley - the suburbs of Wollongong in New South Wales. Nan Tien Temple is one of the temples which is a branch of Fo Guang Shan. This temple was founded in 1965 by Venerable Master Hsing Yun has more than 200 offices worldwide. "Nan Tien" in Chinese, literally means "Paradise of the South." It is the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere.

Nan Tien Temple in Sydney Australia
Nan Tien Temple in Sydney

Since the opening of the shrine in October 1995, the temple has become the new must-visit place for local and international tourists visiting Australia. This temple is also acting as important cultural centers that can bridge different cultures. Nan Tien Temple to play in bridging the East-West culture. This shrine adopts Chinese-style palace building, bringing tradition and modern ideas into one. There are four principle characteristics which are guarded by Nan Tien Temple as follows:


The main temple has five giant Buddha statue surrounded by over 10,000 small Buddha statues that give a unique touch of classical art Duong Hwang. Other modern facilities including classrooms, meditation, pagoda for cremated remains, auditorium and dining area for all visitors. To study Buddhism, meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology with translation facilities were excellent. A parking lot for 300 cars was provided for the convenience of visitors.


Nan Tien Temple is not only promoting Buddhist activities, but the temple is also welcome people from social service organizations and educational institutions to participate in shaping a better society. Nan Tien Temple is open to everyone. Everyone without exception can join in assisting the efforts towards global peace.


Nan Tien Temple is a place for people to practice and understand the Dharma ( Buddha's teachings ). Dharma in daily life. People can come to the Temple to pray and pay respects to the Buddha. They can also practice meditation in the meditation room to become more conscious and able to feel the thoughts and feelings. They can also listen to the Dharma in the auditorium and read to immerse themselves in the world of infinite to gain wisdom.


Buddhism and art are inseparable. The temple has filled the rocks that naturally adds to the beauty of this temple. In the courtyard of the temple, there is a pond decorated with statues of Kuan Yin petition; there is also a gallery of mirrors containing relics of antiquity from around the world.

Many ways to get to this temple:

You can reach the temple by climbing Unanderra railway station (South Coast Line) Schedule city rail can be checked.

Three options to get to the temple from the station

1. Walk
you can walk 20-30 minutes to the left side of the station (Industrial side) until the end of the road Berkeley Rd (about 1 Km). Turn right and continue on the good aspect of the path and you will see the main gate of the temple.

2. Bus
You can ride Bus (Route 34) in Unanderra Store (the right side of the station near the Caltex petrol station) and get off at the back door of the temple in Nolan Street.

3. Taxi
Walk to the left side of the station (Industrial hand), call (02) 4229 9311 for the cab. Bus 34 - Wollongong to Warrawong Via Berkeley dropped off at the back door of the temple in Nolan Street.

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