Alas Kedaton are the attractions of the protected forest is also the habitat of hundreds of monkeys in which there is a unique great temple called Pura Dalem Kahyangan Kedaton. This tourist attraction is the Kukuh Village, district Marga, Tabanan Regency, about 35 kilometres from the city of Denpasar, Bali.

pura alas kedaton bali
pura alas kedaton

Incredible joy you will feel because this place was more boisterous of Sangeh, located 10 km away from this Alas Kedaton. This caused the hubbub aggressiveness of hundreds of monkeys occupant of this attraction to visitors. Despite the aggressive monkeys will not be hurt if you do not bother him. They're just a little naughty with observe and touch you and stuff to get food. The monkey is very fond of interacting and easily familiar with the visitors.

Before entering the area of a forest covering an area of 12 acres, don't forget to buy the entrance ticket costs IDR 10,000/person and a few packets of beans, corn, or other foods. If you bring food for personal consumption, the food will likely also asked the monkey. Food-food for the monkeys can be purchased at several stalls in the front area of the forest.

alas kedaton tabanan bali
alas kedaton tabanan bali

In the front area of the forest, set out, hundreds of monkeys were welcomed with full gaze selidik observe visitors. The monkey is already idle welcomes the food given relaxed, even with them will be approached and touched you. To get photos with the monkey is not difficult. Offer only one nut, all of a sudden the monkey will be approached even perched on your lap.

Entering the area of a forest surrounded by various types of large heterogeneous tree, some sections of the trail you can choose to take a walk in the Woods. In the middle of the forest there is a temple called Pura Dalem Kahyangan Kedaton which has 4 entrances. Its simple architecture with ancient impressed. Uniquely again, residents who do worship at this temple, is not allowed to carry incense (api) because according to local customs, the lack of fire means the nature of anger, and lust have been extinguished.

monkey pura kedaton bali
monkey pura kedaton

When walking in the Woods, the joy in silence it feels. Hundreds of monkeys frolicking in the cool Woods accompanied a group of bats hanging in the highest branches of a tree. On the outskirts of the forest, you can enjoy views of the rice fields that surround the forest acreage.

Before going home don't forget to buy a gift shop in dozens of stalls in this place. Souvenirs Alas Kedaton monkey-shaped ranging from sculpture, coir and craft clothes can easily you get.
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