October 2002, humanitarian disaster that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people from different parts of the world (not just among non-Muslims) is going on. The incident has become such a terrible mass terror so in Bali island a few years later suddenly deserted since phobia similar incidents would happen again. The savage bombing incident, who not only opposed among non-Muslims but from Muslims themselves.

ground zero in bali
ground zero in bali


For the historic day features the then woke up by a monument which was later named Ground Zero Monument situated in the former incident, i.e. in Legian Kuta. This area is the busiest and most populated district in Bali because Bali's tourism became an icon. Along this road there are many cafes, clubs, shops and hotels place to stay on a tourist.

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This monument was built in order to commemorate the victims of the bomb blast the Sari Club and Paddy's Cafe. The initial idea of the creation of this monument derives from the Chairman of the Union of Tourist Attraction of Bali Indonesia Nyoman Rudana. Then, in the aftermath of the bombing that happens, start the monument was built and completed in 2003 and was named "Panca Benua Monument".

ground zero monument bali
ground zero at night

Several days prior to its inauguration, precisely dated October 8, held the Hindu rites (Mecaru and Melaspas) with the aim to cleanse and purify. The ceremony took place at Ground Zero led by two Hindu priest Ida Pedanda Gede Putra i.e. Telapah and Ida pedanda Budha Ketut Griya. Also attended the head Regent of Badung Regency, Anak Agung Ngurah Oka Ratmadi, along with public figures of Kuta. The ceremony it got attention from the community of Kuta and tourists who happened to be passing through the monument.

As for the victims, the details are as follows. Australia 88, Indonesia 38 people (mostly residents of Bali), United Kingdom 26, United States 7, Germany 6, Sweden 5, Netherlands 4, France 4, Denmark 3, Switzerland 3, New Zealand 3, Canada 2, Brazil 2, Japan 2, South Korea 2, South Africa 2, Ecuador 1, Greece 1, Italy 1, Poland 1, Portugal 1 and Taiwan 1.

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