Bali is a haven of tourism in Indonesia. In Bali, many foreign tourists who often back and forth abroad in order to enjoy the natural beauty that exists on the island of Bali. It is has a name that is often called the island of the gods. The island has a lot of charm to an amazing culture and art are worth to visit. For those of you who want to visit the island of Bali you do not miss a few tourist spots on the island of Bali.

tanah lot bali
tanah lot

1. Tanah Lot
In this place you will get the best sunset panorama, and there is also a place called sunset terrace. Here you will also get a very impressive results from the setting sun. At dusk began to greet, when the light began to fade you will see how wonderful charm of the sea and the unique sunset on the island of Bali.

Attractions on the island of Bali lies in the middle of the sea and is between 300 m from the beach and there is a large cave with a rock in the Center. The name tanah lot itself consists of the word Tanah (land in english) meaning rock and the word "LOT" or "LOD" which means sea, overall sense of tanah lot itself i.e. land, situated in the middle of the sea.

dreamland beach bali
dreamland beach

2. Dreamland Beach
This beach also includes a pristine beach and its popularity is not inferior to the Kuta Beach. When we look at the overview you will find a very enchanting beauty owned by this Dreamland beach.

Dreamland beach is a beach which is surrounded by towering cliffs and large rocks. If you stroll down the seaside you will feel as if the lower beach area from the sea. The hills and cliffs around the coast supplied with various grasses green. Many people who frequent this beach.

sanur beach bali
sanur beach

3. Sanur Beach
Sanur Beach is a tourist spot on the island of Bali is fabulous. This place is famous for its panoramic beauty of sunrise or commonly called by sunrise. If you enjoy the sunset at Tanah Lot you must also feel the sunrise at Sanur Beach is. Sanur Beach has calm waves and are usually shallow, thus snorkel at Sanur Beach is an exciting activity, in addition to snorkel there is also the sea walker is walking under the water.

kuta beach bali
kuta beach

4. Kuta Beach
There's a phrase for people who come to Bali if not far from Kuta Beach to enjoy the beautiful island of Bali. The memorable panorama of a very romantic ambience you will get when you visit at kuta beach. Attractions on the island of Bali is the ultimate goal by tourists in General.

For those of you who want to pay a visit to Bali Island, don't miss the sights on the island of Bali on top of it.
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