Want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in the city of Balikpapan which is more fun? It's easy, because with a visit to tour the Grounds Bekapai whose existence is in the heart of Balikpapan, you will get a holiday with a relaxing atmosphere that is more enjoyable. Bekapai park which is one of the city parks are located right on the road Protocol, where Bekapai park is open for public office to be the only place to relax in the middle of a fairly crowded urban life. And it is certainly fitting for you who want a moment to release the fatigue because each day preoccupied by the various activities that are quite dense, without having to vacation attractions are too far from the city center Balikpapan. So what do you get when visiting Bekapai park in the Balikpapan city? Please just see the reviews below, to find out what you would get in the Bekapai Park.

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Facilities Grounds Bekapai Balikpapan

A theme park named Bekapai that is located in the heart of the Balikpapan City is one of the most relaxing places that offer panoramic views of the fitting which is very beautiful, especially if You are visiting this place at night, sparkling colorful lights will accompany Your relaxed atmosphere in the garden of Bekapai. Not only does it alone, in the garden of Bekapai is also already provide free wi-fi to make it easier to access the internet, and here you will not be charge a dime, where you can connect to the internet while sitting relaxing enjoying the beautiful view of the glittering lights that create a garden view bekapai look particularly menganggumkan. To the outside, the park is also surrounded by a bunch of vendors selling various kinds of food and drink you can eat, so do not be wondered if this Bekapai park to be the only place in the city of Balikpapan most attractive for those who want to relax. As in most parks in general, at the location of Balikpapan Bekapai Park is also no tracks for foot reflexology in the form of road covered rocks. This track if passed it will be able to reflect on the foot which ultimately can nourish the body.

bekapai park balikpapan

The beauty of the park Bekapai Balikpapan

The beauty of the park you can enjoy a Balikpapan Bekapai especially at night. In the park there is a monument which is equipped with a water fountain. At night, the fountain was highlighted with a variety of colorful light, giving rise to effects like a torrent of oil out of the ground. We know that Balikpapan is one of the oil producing regions of the Earth, so the monument as the pride of the citizens who wanted to demonstrate its existence in Balikpapan as a producer of petroleum.
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