vacation to karimunjava jepara
vacation to karimunjava
Have you ever heard of the Karimunjawa Island? Of the thousands of beaches in Indonesia, Karimun Jawa is one of the best beaches, the most beautiful, and unforgettable. For me, Karimun Jawa is one of the islands shall you go. Besides deserted, this island offers unparalleled tranquility. You can find peace only at the edge of the beach. Exciting is not it?

The island is located in the district of Karimun Jawa, Jepara, Central Java province ranked. Since 2001 the island was designated as a National Park with an area of 111.625 hectares (ha). The island is included in the group of 27 islands located in the island of Java. In these areas, the island is a lowland tropical forest. There are 5 islands inhabited by locals, including Karimunjawa Island, Parang Island, Nyamuk Island, Kemujan Island, and Genting Island.

In Karimun Jawa archipelago, you can watch a variety of marine life and fauna refreshing eye. Including deer, long-tailed macaques, and hundreds of aquatic fauna. If you move closer to Geleang Island and Burung Island, there is a rare species of fauna such as sea eagles and white chest, green turtles and hawksbill.

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the beauty of karimunjawa
You can get to the island via Jepara Kartini Port. You can join the ship at a cost of between IDR 60 thousand to IDR 80 thousand to cross, it depends on what class you choose. But keep in mind, is traveling to Karimun Jawa is not free like you're going to place, since the waves and air which sometimes can not be crossed, so you need to know first whether the date and the month that you specify it can be passed or not. If you don't take into account a week can you stay on the island.

But don't worry, it does not mean there is not nothing. All facilities, such as hotels, lodging houses, restaurants, mosques, souvenir stalls. And yet again you can go to the breeding of white sharks and gray to swim together. In addition to the stomach and sleep needs, facilities for swimming there is also complete. The tools also rent snorkeling and lifeguard. There is even a boat glass bottom boat that we can rent if you can not swim. Then if you are planning to stay 4 days, try to move the island, at a cost of IDR 250,000 boats - IDR 450,000 you've been able to some neighboring islands.

Oya, don't forget it to go to Menjangan Besar Island. On this island you can enjoy the beauty of ornamental fish and sharks, as well as other fish. In this Karimun Java islands offer views that are still natural, beautiful coral, as if you were made to don't want to go home.
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