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Mount Bromo is one of the most favorite tourist attraction in East Java. The beauty of the tourist area which includes the National Park Bromo Tengger is second to none. If you are interested to see the beauty of Mount Bromo vacation you should first read this post.

1. Select and specify the appropriate time
If you are planning a trip to Mount Bromo, should you choose or summer because chances are you can watch the sunrise greater. In the rainy season often thick clouds covering the sunrise so that you will not get round the sun redness. Fog is also more frequent in the rainy season. But warmer rainy season than in the dry season.

2. Prepare your physical.
Although traveled to Bromo not including any extreme adventure tours such as when we climb the mountain, but the physical preparation is needed to face the cold weather and road uphill to pass approximately 250 stairs to see the crater of Mount Bromo. With the physical body fit and healthy, your body will not be easy to drop the face of changing weather.

3. Book accommodation before the holiday.
If you plan to stay at a hotel, book a hotel / inn before, especially if you plan to take a trip to Mount Bromo on weekends. In addition to lodging, you also need to book a jeep or horse. Jeep and horses are a lot of leased vehicles at Mount Bromo. Booked a Jeep or a horse when you've arrived at the location will bother you.

4. Prepare personal gear.
In bromo you will need a thick jacket, socks, scarves, shoes and gloves to reduce the cold. In addition you will also need a mask to cover the mouth and nose that would be useful to protect the sand and dust while in the crater of Bromo. Bring snacks and drinks. Because waiting for the sun can make you hungry. Don't forget the camera, tripod, spare batteries, large capacity memory card and also backup. Sunrise beautiful scenery will make you need quite a lot to take pictures, don't let you miss the beautiful scenery.
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