culinary lumpia semarang
lumpia semarang
If your visiting to Semarang, not complete if you have not tasted food that is typically lumpia Semarang. Lumpia or sometimes spelled as lun pia is a kind of traditional Chinese snacks. The lumpia are thin sheets of wheat flour is used as the skin and is used as a wrapper stuffing usually consists of bamboo shoots, eggs, fresh vegetables, meat, or seafood. Taste of lumpia semarang is a fusion between Chinese and Indonesian flavors because first made by a Chinese descent who is married to an Indonesian and settled in Semarang. In Indonesia, lumpia known as the typical food of Semarang, Central Java.

Places Selling Lumpia

lumpia at pemuda semarang
lumpia mbak lien
In Semarang many sellers found lumpia along the road, one of them in shop lumpia Ms Lien / Siem Siok Lien in Pandanaran Semarang Street. Ms. Lien shop continue his late father, Mr. Siem Swie Hie. The specificity of Ms. Lien lumpia contents are added this is a concoction of chicken meat. When the beginning of the continuing efforts of his late father, Ms Lien made ​​three kinds of lumpia, the contents of shrimp lumpia, chicken lumpia contents (for a shrimp allergy), and contains a special mixture of shrimp lumpia and chicken.

lumpia culinary semarang
culinary semarang
Price of Lumpia Semarang

Lumpia were sold price traders are different. Gang Lombok owned shop lumpia Siem Swie Kiem, for example, sells at a price of Rp 10,000/seed (fried / wet). Youth belonging to stall in Mataram Street Lien sell at a price of Rp 8,000/seed. While other merchants selling lumpia with a price of about Rp 7,000/seed. You want to try?
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