Kotabaru Homestay located in coastal attractions Kartini Beach, precisely in Jepara, Central Java. Located less than 2.5 km west of the pavilion Jepara Regent Office. Is a strategic area, because as sea transport path toward the Karimunjawa National Park.

homestay kotabaru jepara

Homestay Kotabaru Jepara 15 minutes to Tourism Object Tirta Samudra Beach, 10 minutes from the Shopping Center Jepara for culinary object. Located in the coastal area Kartini Beach, a founding pioneer of lodging in the area. This homestay offers a variety of facilities in comparison with the others.

Homestay Kotabaru similiar in Balinese who are in the area Kartini Beach attractions and dealing with Kura - Kura Ocean Park. Located Approximately 100 meters from the Jepara Port to karimunjawa island. The main facility has a "FREE" Open Space Area (Sunrise - Sun Bathing - Star Bathing). For Kartini Beach Sunrise & Landscape can be seen on the 3rd floor in the parking area homestay, There are a variety of room rates, Suitable for the lodging backpacker, family, or businessman.
Kotabaru Homestay Jepara, Pada: 4:45:00 AM
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