rondo royal culinary from jepara
rondo royal
One of the traditional foods made ​​from Jepara staple of the tape. Rondo Royal or monyos is a traditional culinary, cheap price as this favors if disantab directly. One simple processed from cassava which is also quite popular in the community Jepara mostly to make Rondo Royal as a fried snack. But nevertheless Rondo Royal has a good flavor as a snack for the family as well as together with your friends, especially when it is still warm.

Ingredients to make the Rondo Royal:
1/2 kg of cassava tapai
200 grams of wheat flour
4 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 egg
salt to taste
Filling could jam, cheese etc. meises or well.

How to manufacture Rondo Royal:
1. Remove the existing fiber ditangah cassava, then puree the cassava
2. Combine flour with sugar and salt, then give water to the mix until the dough thickens enough. If it pour beaten eggs and then stir again
3. For those who have mashed cassava into approximately 15-20 pieces, and give each content item according to taste, and if it is closed and rounded.
4. If you have to dip the dough that has been filled in and rounded the flour over the dough, then gorenglah until cooked.
5. Rondo Royal ready to eat.
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