pok tunggal beach jogja
pok tunggal beach
The beach is located in the village of Pok Tunggal Tepus, District Tepus, Gunungkidul Yogyakarta, precisely in the east Coast and the west Watulawang Ngetun Beach, about 50 km from the city Wonosari or 2 hours travel time from Jogja. This Beach was located beside Watulawang Beach. It's has very large white sands area. very quiet. what a wonderful beach. if you get there, you will feel as on a private beach.

The Beauty of Pok Tunggal Beach

Pok Tunggal beach famous for its clean white sand and a variety of natural beauty for you to enjoy with your family members, colleagues or friends. The beach is officially a tourist beach in May 2012. access roads began to be addressed by the local government. a beautiful scenery unfolds before the eyes. Stretch of white sand beach with blue waves that slammed into the bidder as tired after a narrow path down the rocks. Seen some teenagers who were playing surf beach while occasionally preening in front of the camera. Duras growing shade tree on the shoreline and became an icon of this beach. Trees are said to be difficult to grow this very guarded existence by locals, so do not be surprised if there is reasonable belief that climb trees.

Beauty of Pok Tunggal Beach Jogja
Beauty of Pok Tunggal Beach
The real charm of Pok Tunggal is a row of coral cliffs stands proudly like a fortress which protects this beach from the outside world. The cliffs are perpendicular reef walls as high as 50-meter is very potential to be developed as a sports arena rock climbing. Of course it took guts and unusual skills to climb this cliff because until now no climbing routes. Hopefully soon there was this rock climber who conquered and open track.

In the coral cliffs of this coast there are still wild primates. When I visited, seen some wild monkeys jumping behind the cliffs to the east. Surprisingly again at this beach there is also a freshwater spring, which most likely originated from underground streams typical karst area. Source of water that meets the needs of food stalls and public bathrooms local nongovernmental results.

Exotic Sunset in the Pok Tunggal Beach 

Enjoy the beauty of the beach would not be complete if Pok Tunggal does not take a moment to wait for the sun to sink behind the horizon. We even met with a group of Caucasians who was carrying a large backpack, looks like they will be camping on this beach. Fun to spend the night in tents while enjoying the coastal breeze and the sound of waves after enjoying the violet dusk. When not carrying tents, dome tents we could hire local people. However, when deciding to go home at night, you have to be extra careful. The road was narrow and rocky guts once again challenging because there comes light the lamp at all.

Charm Pok Tunggal beach with white sand surrounded by a wall of hills is a fun location to be explored. Pok Tunggal beach that lies between the beach and Siung Indrayanti This reinforces the warehouse Gunungkidul as beautiful sandy beaches of pristine white.
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