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Karimunjawa is the name of the island to the north of the island of Java, located approximately 83km from the town of Jepara in Central Java and has been designated a National Park since 2001 Karimunjawa Islands has a diverse ecosystem types, such as coastal forests , mangrove forest, ornamental fish and coral reefs. The term " Karimunjawa the virginal tropical paradise '' is very accurate, because Karimun Java island has 27 new 4 but only inhabited. Karimun Java island will spoil you with a special panoramic tropical environment that is very unusual.

Karimun jawa is very in the know sebagi place with millions of beauty. The waters around the island of Karimunjawa also keep the beauty and uniqueness of each course that we can not get on the island. Karimunjawa Island, the main island in the archipelago as this is an island with a total population compared to most other islands.

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