1. Mount Rinjani, Lombok

mount rinjani indonesia
mount rinjani

Rinjani has a panorama that could be considered best among the mountains in Indonesia. Each year (June-August) visited by many nature lovers from local residents, students and nature lovers from around the world. Temperatures average about 20 ° C; low 12 ° C. Strong winds are common at peak in August. In July, the wind is still quite weak and the weather is quite sunny, so the climb to the top can be done anytime.

2. Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara

komodo island indonesia
komodo island

Komodo National Park (TN. Komodo) is an area that consists of several islands with sea water. These islands are the habitat of the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) is an ancient reptile the only one left on earth. Unique natural conditions, there is a broad savanna with lontarnya tree (Borassus flabellifer).

3. Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua

raja ampat islands indonesia
raja ampat islands

Raja Ampat Islands is an archipelago located in the west of the island of Papua, West Papua province, precisely in the head of birds of Papua. The islands are a divers destination-divers who are interested in the beauty of the underwater scenery.

4. Ijen Crater (Blue Fire), East Java

ijen crater indonesia
ijen crater

Crater Ijen volcano is one tourist attraction in Indonesia. Ijen is a famous tourist attraction, which has been known by the domestic and foreign tourists for its natural beauty and marine.

5. Carstensz Pyramid, Papua 

carstensz pyramid indonesia
carstensz pyramid

Indonesia should be proud of the uniqueness and richness of nature and the community's traditions. This time, Carstensz Pyramid or what could be called a glorious peak, also in Papua. Carstensz Peak is the highest peak in Australia and Oceania.

6. Mount Anak Krakatau, West Java 

mount anak krakatau indonesia
mount anak krakatau

Krakatau is a volcanic archipelago that are still active and located in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra. This name ever pinned on a volcanic peak there were, because of the eruption on 26-27 August 1883, then vanished. The explosion was very powerful and the resulting tsunami killed about 36,000 people.

7. Mount Bromo, East Java 

mount bromo indonesia
mount bromo

Mount Bromo is a volcano is still active and most famous as a tourist attraction in East Java. As a tourist attraction, Mount Bromo become attractive because of its status as the volcano is still active.

8. Kelimutu Craters Lakes, East Nusa Tenggara 

kelimutu craters lakes indonesia
kelimutu craters lakes

Kelimutu is a volcano located on the island of Flores, NTT Province, Indonesia. The location of this mountain village precisely in Pemo District Kelimutu, Ende. This mountain has three crater lakes on top. The lake is known as Lake Three Colors because it has three different colors, namely red, blue, and white. Even so, the colors are always changing over time.

9. Bunaken National Park, North Sulawesi 

bunaken national park indonesia
bunaken national park

Bunaken national park has a 20 point dive (dive spot) with varying depths up to 1344 meters. Of the 20 point dive, dive 12 points of which are located around Bunaken Island. Twelve point dive is the most frequently visited by divers and lovers of the beauty of the underwater scenery.

10. Lake Toba, North Sumatra 

lake toba indonesia
lake toba

Lake Toba is a volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide (the largest volcanic lake in the world). In the middle of this lake there is a volcanic island called Samosir Island. Lake Toba has long been an important tourist destination in North Sumatra in addition to Bukit Lawang and Nias, attract domestic and foreign tourists.
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